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Non-sparking Hand Tools

Posted on
1 April 2020
( 55 days ago )

Non-sparking Hand Tools (ATEX)


In the field of EXplosive ATmospheres, protection consists in eliminating any element triggering an explosion in the Classified Area and the purpose of equipment intended to operate in a potentially explosive environment is therefore to protect the environment from accidental triggering rather than protect the operator first (he is protected by the fact that the environment in which he works is protected).

Thus, the ATEX Employers Directive is articulated with the ATEX Equipment Directive which requires that the Equipment used in explosive atmospheres be of the Category corresponding to the Classified Area in which the employee works.
Or failing that, the equipment used in these Classified Zones has been evaluated AND validated by the Employer as having no active ignition source capable of igniting an ATEX if necessary.

The Equipment must therefore have an “Ex” Certificate of Conformity which can be used in the event of an incident or accident.

However, the Certification of Conformity which determines the affixing of the logo “Epsilon x in a hexagon” is only applicable for products which are normally triggering elements of explosion by themselves (electrical or mechanical component whose functioning can generate sparks for example, by itself) which is not the case of a hand tool which is normally inert … So no logo “Epsilon x” even after a risk assessment in the rules.

However, the User responsible for the use of this hand tool must, according to their ATEX Responsibility, be certain that this tool has been evaluated for safe use, by an expert on the ATEX subject.

CENTREXPERT has therefore assessed that the Beryllium Bronze hand tools that it distributes meet the criteria for non-sparking in normal use, which authorizes the affixing of the ATEX evaluation logo of CENTREXPERT for this type of component, allowing unambiguously safe use.

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