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CENTREX system

Posted on
1 April 2020
( 245 days ago )

Centrex System – NEW!


Complete interactive portable gas detection system in explosive atmosphere

New portable gas detection system, designed and developed by CentrExpert, supplier of global ATEX security solutions.

Thanks to its network of wireless and autonomous sensors, the CENTREX system detects any presence of gas. Certified for zone 2, it provides security as well as operator management, tracks the maintenance of ATEX equipment and provides complete and permanent reporting associated with its use.

The innovative device includes a fully autonomous gas detection head which dialogs with a control monitor in the form of an atex touch pad under O.S. Android. Communication is done wirelessly, using a very innovative protocol called Zigbee, which has the characteristic of consuming very little energy, much less than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The system combines “passive” protection and the innovative device used as “active” protection. It produces a visual and audible alarm when the machine hosting it encounters an atmosphere 10% of the lower explosive limit. In this case, the operator can either stop the machine or choose to move away from the area.

But when the Atex is large, at 25% of the lower explosive limit which remains a very safe level, the system does not wait for the operator’s intervention and automatically shuts down the machine or equipment that he equips.

It is also the only interactive Atex system that offers such an advanced Human-Machine interface.

CentrExpert innovates, see for more information.

To see the video:

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