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CENTREX system for Zone 3

Posted on
1 April 2020
( 245 days ago )

Whether you are an Operator or a Service Provider on a site using or storing flammable Products likely to create AT explosive atmospheres gas or vapor, your Employees must, if necessary, be alerted by optical and / or acoustic signals, before the appearance of ‘an ATEX.

CENTREXPERT has therefore developed the CENTREX “Zone 3”, an on-board gas detection device to be easily installed on all your vehicles operating in Zones not formally classified as potentially explosive.

The CENTREX “Zone 3” system is made up of 3 elements in a wireless network:

  • A self-calibrating combustible gas and vapor detection head
  • A tricolor LED light installed on the dashboard for example
  • A relay card

The CENTREX “Zone 3” alarms the operator at 10% of the LEL (LED changes from green to orange) and puts the Machine in safe stop at 25% of the Lower Explosive Limit (red LED flashing with adjustable time delay) .

Ideal for workshops and warehouses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, simple to install and without cost of use (no gas cylinder calibration), the CENTREX “Zone 3” offers an economical solution of Active Safety for better comfort of Safety at work and so that your Personal are Actors of their Safety.

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