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ATEX reverse osmosis unit

Posted on
1 April 2020
( 299 days ago )



Converted by Centrexpert SAS, the ATEX reverse osmosis unit is a device for producing water considered pure according to the principle of reverse osmosis.

It removes most of its solutes such as chlorine, sulfates, phosphates, etc. from the water.

Its ATEX conversion makes it usable within a Zone 2. This version can distribute up to 40m³ / d.

Compliance Code: Ex 3G IIA T3

The conversion of the whole required:

  • The modification of two motors in order to have ATEX motors
  • Complete replacement of an engine with an ATEX engine
  • Conversion & addition of several ATEX components

The conversion of these ATEX Osmosis units was carried out by Centrexpert, suppliers of global ATEX safety solutions.

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