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ATEX pneumatic pump

Posted on
1 April 2020
( 299 days ago )

ATEX pneumatic pump


Atex pneumatic pump designed for various applications. Indeed, it can be used for solvents, oils, diesel, hydrocarbons.

Compliant with European directive 94/9 / EC on ATEX, this ATEX diaphragm model is part of a wide range of atex pumps that we make available to you on our website.

Adjustable flow rate, self-priming dry, PTFE membranes, it is designed for advanced use in an explosive atmosphere. It is pneumatic and capable of running empty, without overheating and without wear. If the liquid is closed or discharged, it switches off automatically, guaranteeing you an unequaled service life. We specialize in pumps, which we manufacture in France with an impeccable quality approach.

Other features:

  • Max flow: 3.3 m3 / h
  • Max pressure: 7.7 bars
  • Ø hole: 1/2 ″
  • Ø granulometry max: 1.6mm
  • Pump suction: Dry: 4.7m
  • Wet: 8m

For more information about our different ranges of ATEX pumps, see CENTREXPERT.

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